Rafael Kubelik dirige Bruckner


Rafael Kubelik durante una prova. Foto ©BR/Hans Grimm

Ho già detto in diverse occasioni che Rafael Kubelik (1914-1996) è per me un direttore Continua a leggere “Rafael Kubelik dirige Bruckner”


Riascoltare Mozart nel giorno del suo compleanno

La casa natale di Mozart a Salzburg. Foto ©Tourismus Salzburg GmbH

Mozart’s influence transcends history. Each generation sees something different in his work. Mozart’s music, which to so many of his contemporaries still seemed to have the brittleness of clay, has long since been transformed into gold gleaming in the light, though it has taken on the different luster of each new generation No earthly remains of Mozart survived save a few wretched portraits, no two of which are alike; the fact that all the reproductions of his death-mask, which would have shown him as he really was, have crumbled to bits seems symbolic. It is as though the world-spirit wished to show that here is pure sound, conforming to a weightless cosmos, triumphant over all chaotic earthliness, spirit of the world-spirit.

  • Alfred Einstein, Mozart: His Character, His Work, Oxford University Press 1945

Da quando ho incominciato a interessarmi seriamente di musica, amo quella di Mozart Continua a leggere “Riascoltare Mozart nel giorno del suo compleanno”

Leonard Bernstein, nel venticinquesimo anniversario della morte

Foto ©courtesy CBS

Foto ©courtesy CBS

“The reason why I love conducting is

that I love the people I conduct and I love the people for whom we play.

It’ s the most potent love affair you can have in your life.”

-Leonard Bernstein

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