Rudolf Kempe

Rudolf Kempe nel 1953. Foto ©Hildegard Jäckel
Rudolf Kempe nel 1953. Foto ©Hildegard Jäckel

The ultimate demand made on a genious is love of truth.

As we commemorate Rudolf Kempe we pay tribute to an artist who as a musician and human being radiated the finest of qualities gracing the greatest of talents – truthfulness.

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, Patron of the Rudolf Kempe Society 1978 to 2012


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David Oistrakh – Beethoven e Mozart


“On stage, Oistrakh impression of the Colossus. He stands firm on the ground, he proudly holds a fiddle, he creates music, pouring in an endless stream of beauty and elegance”

– Isaac Stern

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Buona Pasqua con Haydn e Leonard Bernstein

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